Dark Horse Presents 01-157 + annual and special [complete]

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17 Ağu 2009
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Dark Horse Presents 01-157 + annual and special [complete]
CBR/ZIP | English | 159 Issues | 1.86 gb mb Total

Dark Horse Presents was conceived as an anthology title and was the first comic to be released by the newly formed Dark Horse Comics in 1986. The first issue featured Black Cross on the cover and was notable for the first appearance of Paul Chadwick's Concrete. The title became successful thanks to the increasing popularity of Concrete who quickly became the regular cover feature for much of the first few years of the title.

Concrete eventually spun into its own title, and this was something which would happen to several characters and stories appearing in Dark Horse Presents. These included John Byrne's "Next Men" comic book, as well as Frank Miller's Sin City stories, with the very first "Sin City" story (Later retitled "The Hard Goodbye") being serialized within the pages of the comic.

Dark Horse Presents was Dark Horse's longest running title, and provided a mix of material from established and new creators. The title ended with issue #157 in September 2000.