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14 Eki 2011
Bastiani Kalesi
Clive Barker'ı bilenler bilir, hem korku-fantastik türündeki kitapları, hem de filmleri ile...
Epey seveni var, burada ustanın bütün çizgi roman külliyatını sunuyorum.

İçinde yer alan eserler:
Great and Secret Show
Hellraiser - Bestiary
Hellraiser - Boom
Hellraiser - Epic
Hellraiser - The Dark Watch
Hellraiser - The Road Below
Hellraiser + Nightbreed - Jihad
Hellraiser Specials
Next Testament
Nightbreed - Boom
Nightbreed - Epic
Tapping The Vein
The Harrowers
Thief of Always

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3 Eki 2011
hiçbiryerde :)
Off, çizgileri de çok iyi görünüyor,
bu seriden çok iş çıkar.
İndirmeyi başardığımda inceleyeceğim,
geceleri olacak artık bu.
Teşekkürler sevgili "Tabure".


11 May 2009
Teşekkürler ama sayfa bulunamadı diyor bir sorun mu var ya da ben mi beceremedim anlamadım.

Defalarca söylediğimiz gibi kendi üretmediğimiz, taşıma linklerle, hele de böyle erişimi son derece güç olan gibi platformlarla yapılan paylaşımlar kısa sürede ölmeye mahkum.

Bilmiyorum 3.7GB büyüklüğündeki dosyaları bu platform aracılığıyla indirmeyi başaran var mıdır? Belki vardır ve linkleri yeniler diye konuyu birkaç gün canlı tutacağım. Bu çok küçük olasılık gerçekleşmez ise konuyu forumdan kaldıracağım.

Bir kez daha vurgulamak istiyorum "taşıma suyla değirmen dönmez". :)


6 Ocak 2013
3-issue Epic Comics adaptation of Clive Barker's Weaveworld.

Epic Comics 1995

WEAVEWORLD is an epic adventure of the imagination. It begins with a carpet in which a world of rapture and enchantment is hiding; a world which comes to life, alerting the dark forces and beginning a desperate battle to preserve the last vestiges of magic which Humankind still has access to.

Books of Blood Comic Adaptations

This contains nearly all of Clive Barker's Books of Blood comic adaptations published by Eclipse. These are lavishly illustrated adaptations that do total justice to Clive Barker's seminal anthology series. Included are:

Tapping The Vein 1-5 containing the following stories:

Hman Remains

Pig Blood Blues

Skins of the Fathers

In the Hills, The Cities

The Midnight Meat Train


Hell's Event

The Madonna

How Spoilers Bleed

Down, Satan

The follow-up one-shot adaptations:


Rawhead Rex

containing Rawhead Rex and Twilgiht at the Towers


Son of Celluloid

The Life of Death

containing The Life of Death and New Murders on the Rue Morgue

Yattering and Jack

containing Yattering and Jack and How Spoilers Bleed

Missing from this collection are Babel's Children, found on the double-story copies of Revelations and The Age of Desire, pubished by Desperado Comics.

Clive Barker's Hellraiser (2011)

This contains the complete 20 issue series of Boom! Studios' Clive Barker's Hellraiser plus 2 annuals and the prelude webcomic.

Clive Barker's Hellraiser (2011) 1-20

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Annual 1 (2012)

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Annual 2 (2013)

Clive Barker's Hellraiser - At the Tolling of a Bell (2011)

One of the greatest horror franchises of all time returns, now under the control of its original creator! Clive Barker has touched Hellraiser only twice: once to write The Hellbound Heart, and once more to write and direct the original Hellraiser film. Now witness Barker's long-awaited return to tell a new chapter in the series' official continuity, a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites, the final Pinhead story! Prepare your soul for an epic journey into horror from one of the medium's greatest voices, and starring one of the medium's greatest characters, in an unforgettable new chapter of the Hellraiser.

Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show comic adaptation

This contains the complete comics adaptation of the first volume of Clive Barker's masterful Book of The Art - The Great and Secret Show.

Issues 1- 12

IDW 2006-2007

Chris Ryall & Gabriel Rodriguez

In the little town of Palomo Grove, two great armies are amassing; forces shaped from the hearts and souls of America. Clive Barker's epic journey into the fantastic, The Great and Secret Show. Adapted by Chris Ryall (Zombies vs. Robots) and artist Gabriel Rodriguez (Land of the Dead), this collection presents the ultimate battle between good and evil, spanning many decades and dimensions.

Next Testament

The first original comic series created and written by Clive Barker is here!

Julian Edmond, captain of industry, has left behind everything to begin a walkabout -- he believes hes on a mission from God. While in the wasteland, he comes across a figure unlike any other, who calls himself Wick...and claims to be God. Their journey will span the globe, as neither man merely wants to make a mark on the world, but a scar.

Clive Barker, with internationally acclaimed artist Haemi Jang (HELLRAISER: THE ROAD BELOW), come together to create the next legendary work in the canon of one of the great writers of our era.
Click To Resize

Micellaneous Comics

This contains a few hard to find non-serialized Clive Barker comics that may please the serious Clive Barker collector! There are still a few obscure single-issue comics I have yet to come across, but I'll upload them when I find them.

Included issues:

Primal 1 (1992) Dark Horse

Primal 2 (1992) Dark Horse

Marvel Age 107 (1991) Marvel

Marvel Age 126 (1993) Marvel

Firemass (2010) Violent Spirit Media (in PDF format)

Epic - An Anthology 1 - Hellraiser (1992) Epic

Epic - An Anthology 2 - Put a Nightbreed in Your Tank (1992) Epic

Bonus: your very own Lament Configuration Box schematic

Marvel Razorline is an imprint of Marvel Comics created to publish a series of 4 comics taking place in The Barkerverse - a universe with superheroes created by Clive Barker. The short-lived project lasted a total of 36 issues.

This torrent contains:

Razorline First Cut #1

Ectokid #1-9

Ectokid Unleashed #1

Hokum & Hex # 1-9

Hyperkind # 1-9

Hyperkind Unleashed

Saint Sinner #1-7

The Harrowers

This contains the complete 6-issue Epic Comics series - The Horrowers - Raisers of the Abyss.

Epic Comics - 1993

Hellraiser - The Road Below (2012)

This contains all 4 issues of the 2012 mini-series 'Hellraiser - The Road Below' from Boom! Comics.

Over the past year, within the pages of CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER, Kirsty Cotton has gone from a human resisting the forces of Hell, to the ruler of light in the darkest of places. Before her battle with former Pinhead Captain Elliott Spencer, she was called to New Orleans by a holder of the LeMarchand Device - a woman trying to end a decades-long family feud by any means necessary...

Rising star writer Brandon Seifert (WITCH DOCTOR, HELLRAISER ANNUAL) and red hot artist Ibraim Roberson (UNCANNY X-MEN) unite to tell the story of the first time Kirsty Cotton was called to earth as the new Pinhead! This in-continuity tale reveals Kirsty's first days in Hell, and how the road there is always paved with good intentions.

The Thief of Always

This contains the the complete 3-issue IDW comic book adaptation of Clive Barker's Thief of Awlays.

IDW 2005

Master of horror Clive Barker's Thief of Always is a fable appealing to horror and fantasy fans young and old. Now IDW brings you its own lavishly illustrated adaptation of the thrilling tale. Within, Mr. Hood's Holiday House has stood for a thousand years, welcoming countless children into its embrace. It is a place of miracles, a blissful round of treats and seasons, where every childhood whim may be satisfied... for a price. In book one, young Harvey Swick enters the house, mindless of the consequences.

This contains the complete 4-issue series of Clive Barker's Book of the Damned - a Hellraiser Companion.

Epic Comics - 1991
With a brush and a warm, wet vehicle of color, we've painted a rich nightmare bourne of the fertile mind of Clive Barker. On an aging skin-like parchment, its deathless denizens have scrawled chapters, notes of warning to those who have already come too far. Using hammers and hooks, we've built an intricately leveled hell, repleat with multiple complexities, and a million inescapable horrors.

With a short-breathed word of warning, we invite you to open the first Book of the Damned, testament to the terror and majesty of Leviathan.

Hellraiser - The Dark Watch (2013)

NEW ONGOING SERIES! THE NEW ERA OF HELLRAISER BEGINS! As promised, Clive Barker did not only return to the Hellraiser universe, he re- imagined it! Nothing is as simple as it seems the old ways have been destroyed and a dangerous new world lies in its wake. Where are Elliott Spencer and Kirsty Cotton? Who will rule and who will serve?
Rising star Brandon Seifert (WITCH DOCTOR, HELLRAISER: THE ROAD BELOW) joins forces with the legendary Clive Barker, with art by Tom Garcia, to begin this amazing new chapter in the history of one of horrors greatest franchises.

This contains issues 1-6 of Epic Comics' shortlived Pinhead - The Devil You Know series.

Epic Comics - 1993

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Yeni Üye
24 Eyl 2009
Cevap için teşekkürler direnc11 sizlerde haklısınız ama şansımı denemek istedim :) Linkler içinse gandor08'e teşekkürü borç bilirim, indirmez olur muyum? :D


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8 May 2015

Bilmiyorum 3.7GB büyüklüğündeki dosyaları bu platform aracılığıyla indirmeyi başaran var mıdır?

Bir kez daha vurgulamak istiyorum "taşıma suyla değirmen dönmez". :)

Böyle büyük dosyaları indirebilmek için, adı geçen platformdan paralı üyeliğiniz olması gerekir. Eğer yeterli İngilizcem olaydı indirebilirdim.
Ancak "Taşıma suyla değirmen dönmez" sözünüze de sonuna kadar katılıyorum.

Benim asıl merak ettiğim 704 mesajı olan tabure rumuzlu üyenin neden banlandığı...